Jim Marchese Gives Teasers About 2022 Limited Series Turned full length feature film – Abaddon

Jim Marchese

July 26, 2021

Jim Marchese Gives Teasers About 2022 Limited Series Turned full length

An interview with Top 100 Magazine, lawyer, mortgage broker, and TV star James Marchese gives us hints about Abaddon. This upcoming full-length feature film will lead into a limited series in 2022. His real life is a perfect fit for his role in the film and series.

Millions of viewers know Jim as the husband of Amber, star of Real Housewives of New Jersey. He describes Amber as “the glue that holds everything together.” Holding a master’s degree from Columbia, Amber suffers no shortage of academic smarts. But her real gift is the inner strength that propels her through adversity.

James himself fits the image of a New Jersey tough guy on the side of law and order. He’s Sicilian. He’s a lawyer. He is CEO and President of MortgageNOW, Inc., a company based in New Jersey, where he has guided the lending and insurance of over $10 billion in mortgage-backed securities. And he is famous for receiving multi-million dollar payouts as a whistleblower not just once but twice.

The first time James Marchese blew the whistle, it was on his own company, a seller of pharmaceuticals. He reported them for defrauding Medicare. The Wall Street Journal reported that James received $1.5 million for his efforts.

Then he assisted the United States Department of Justice in securing a $16.65 billion settlement against Bank of America. Estimates of his reward are in the $7 to $8 million range.

James says that outing the crimes he saw in the business world was only the right thing to do. But he doesn’t just do what is right. He also goes above and beyond what is required to help people overcome financial difficulties buy new homes.

James told Top 100 “At MortgageNOW, we can do things that 99% of other banks can’t do. As a private equity, non-supervised Title II lender, we have the freedom to look at each borrower’s individual loans and make unique decisions tailored to each person. We also put together multiple options for our clients and have guidelines no one else can match” Jim says he works for Main Street, not for Wall Street.

It’s no surprise that James has appeared on numerous television programs around the world as a financial adviser. But it was his wife Amber that landed them both an appearance on the upcoming Abaddon.

Jim isn’t free to tell us a lot about the plot of the feature film and series. The storyline follows a pair of FBI agents who investigate a gruesome serial killer in the Catskills. They believe the killings are inspired by a cult and interview Jim as a character Massimo for more clues.

Massimo, in the story, is an Italian banker locked up in Federal prison. Having found a spiritual life in lockup, Massimo spends his time trying to reform inmates. But, as the FBI interviews him, they uncover a more complex plot that involves businesspeople, politicians, and judges in a world that had gone unpunished.

Ironically, the development delay of Abaddon by COVID turned out to be a great thing.  The feature was originally slated to be a short and a limited series; however, now it has grown into a full-length feature film, a series, and spin-off horror.   A relatively small project has become the “Abaddon Universe”  James Marchese expects shooting of the film to commence in late 2021.