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is the President & CEO of Mortgage NOW

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Jim Marchese is the President & CEO of Mortgage NOW, Inc., an unsupervised title II Residential Mortgage lender, and is a renowned Expert in Whistle-Blower cases uniquely claiming awards in both Medical and Financial fraud cases. Jim is also an Actor and Reality TV personality who is best known for playing the “villain” with his spouse Amber Marchese on Real Housewives of New Jersey and Marriage Boot Camp.

Jim’s accomplishments include:

§ Recognized on Page 3 of settlement for his role in Department of Justice (DOJ) $16.65 Billion fraud by Bank of America,

§ A Master’s Degree from Columbia University,

§ A Juris Doctorate in Law from Seton Hall Law School,

§ CEOs of major organizations lending & Insuring over $10 Billion in (Mortgage Backed Securities) MBS,

§ Appearances on Money Beat, Fox Business, Good Morning America and Watch What Happens Live,

§ Featured in Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Inquisitor, Daily UK, People.com, Newsweek,

§ Starred in Real Housewives of New Jersey and Marriage Bootcamp,

§ Expert in Mortgage back security, Employment, and Family law.

§ James, uses his Political Science degree on Twitter page and had been recognized as a top influencer with over 9.5 million impressions a month topping even the NY Times during the 2016 election.

While devoting his work full-time to Mortgage NOW, Inc., and successfully guiding the firm through both the 2008 Financial crisis (aka great recession) and the Covid-19 lockdown, Jim Marchese has worked on other short film projects and limited series as an Executive Producer and Actor. Jim and Amber are expecting to enter their first short project to film festivals “Abbadon” this fall when the festivals re-open post-Covid-19 shut down. Jim and Amber Marchese have been happily married for nearly 15 years and are raising two amazing children which they love and adore in Colts Neck, NJ.

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Jim Marchese
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